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Taking Advantage of Presale for Concert Tickets

The presale ticket has always fascinated a lot of concertgoers and fun-seeking folks alike. As the term suggests, presale concert tickets are those you can get for usually a lower price than expected and that you can get them right before they go on sale. If you are interested in getting one, there are a lot of things and factors you first must learn.

Determining the Ticket Presale Period

What a concert presale tickets period refers to is a time when the tickets are made available for sale to a specified group of people, usually loyal fans. The presales usually happen as a form of reward to those who signed up for membership or merely for the sake of loyalty. What usually happens is that during a pre-determined time frame, the lucky fans are given a pre sale codes to gain access to a portal where they can buy the tickets. Remember that this marketing ploy does not seek to give tickets for free; instead, it is to give them the opportunity to buy the tickets ahead of time. You’re giving yourself the opportunity to get in front of everybody in terms of buying tickets.

How to Get the Presale Codes

The first and most important rule in successfully getting these presale passwords is understanding where to find them in the first place.


You can start by signing up for special offers given by Ticketmaster. You can receive these offers via email. You do have to make sure you tap “favorite” several artists on your list, including venues and performers to maximize your subscription.

Presales from Social Media

You also need to keep tabs on several ticket providers and outlets, especially their social media presence. You should follow them in different platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Remember that these companies launch presales without warning, which is why you most likely won’t become aware of it if you don’t keep tabs.

Presale for VIPs

If you are planning to get a VIP seat in the venue, then you’re more inclined to get it via presale tickets. Of course, your focus would be on deals for VIP packages. To see for more available options on VIP seats, you expect that they go on sale right before the general inventory.

Venue Presale

It also makes sense to sign up for your favorite event and concert venues’ email list so that you get to be one of the first to learn of their presales. You likewise should visit the venue’s official website to see for more info and get a subscription to their newsletters.